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Dear readers,

It’s been over 7 years since I started ‘The Frustrated Indian’. To be honest, I never started it with any set intention. It was a random social experiment, a place where everyone could vent their frustration about corruption, religious appeasement, freebie driven politics, crime against women and everything that was ailing the nation back then. It became an instant hit. People from every part of the country embraced ‘The Frustrated Indian’, as they saw an image of themselves in the page mascot – a middle class tax paying citizen, bespectacled and nerdy with receding hairline but angry enough to tear his shirt apart.

7 years later, the country is much better than it was, but the war is far from over. Most Indians are unaware about their real history and heroes, ashamed of their culture and heritage and are conditioned to behave in a liberal-approved way because everything else is deemed communal and crass.

We found instant appeal because we spoke about our things in their language. The Frustrated Indian was first of its kind opinion forum on Facebook, in India at least, and I am very proud to say that we inspired many bloggers and opinion makers to come forward and strengthen the cause. Many bloggers, writers and opinion makers who started with TFI are now hailed as leading social media influencers. This was exactly the dream for which I left a flourishing IT career after spending 9 years in the industry.

Today our articles on (earlier are read by over 4 Million people every month, our tweets reach over 3 Million people, our videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have a combined viewership of 20 Million and our Facebook posts reach over 85 Million people every month. We are now a proper company with a brick and mortar office with 19 Full time staff, 20 freelancers and over 200 contributors. And we still don’t have a monetization model. We survive on Ad revenues and very limited branded deals that we get.

It’s tough running a business with ad revenues being the only monetization source. As a subscriber, I have never liked the concept of paywalls. We cannot sell T-shirts because we don’t know how to. I have been reluctant to resort to crowdfunding too but with mounting financial pressures I have been forced to think otherwise. We are introducing a soft-paywall now, wherein you can contribute money in exchange of our articles and services. We won’t be blocking anyone’s access to the site or the video page but we will expect some generous subscriptions.

Starting today, consider every single article and video on TFI under a soft-paywall. Every single subscription penny you give to us will be put to good use. It is your love and support that has kept “The Frustrated Indian” going till date. Starting today, you will run “The Frustrated Indian”.

Thank You,

The Frustrated Indian

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